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Original Launch X431 CNC-602A Injector Cleaner & Tester 220V


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  • Brand: Launch
  • Product Code: UO112
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  • Weight: 46kg
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Tags: CNC-602A injector cleaner tester, CNC-602A

Original Launch CNC-602A Injector Cleaner & Tester 220V

Launch X431 CNC-602A Injector Cleaner & Tester Function:

  • • Ultrasonic cleaning: Perform simultaneous cleaning on several injectors and to remove the carbon deposits on the injector completely.
  • • Uniformity/Sprayability test: Test the uniformity of injecting amount of each injector, and to monitor the spraying status of each injector with the help of backlight. This test is also for reverse flush.
  • • Leakage test: Test the sealing and dribbling conditions of injectors under system pressure.
  • • Injecting flow test: Check the injecting amount of the injector in 15 seconds of constant injection.
  • • Auto test: Test injectors by simulating different working conditions.
  • • On-vehicle cleaning: Equipped with various adaptors and couplers that facilitate cleaning on the injectors on vehicle.

Supported Car Maker:

Audi,Australia Ford,Benz,BMW,Brilliance,Chevrolet,Chevy,Chrysler,Citroen,Dacia,Dadi,Daewoo,Daihatsu,Demo,Fiat,Ford,GM,Holden,Honda,Hyundai,Isuzu,Jaguar,Kia,Lancia,LandRover,

Language: English

CNC-602A Injector Cleaner & Tester Techenical Parameter:
• Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz; AC110V±10%, 50/60Hz.
• Input power: 250W;
• Ultrasonic cleaner power: 100W;
• Simulated RPM range: 10~9990rpm; step: 10rpm;
• Time range: 1~9999s;
• Pulse width: 0.5~25ms; step 0.1 ms;
• Fuel tank capacity: 4700ml;
• Dimensions: 385mm×410mm×500mm;
• Weight: About 35kg


1*201020068 6-cylinder fuel distributor package
6*103250017 Reverse flush adaptor
6*103250013 Adaptor 1 for fuel top-supply injector
6*103250014 Adaptor 2 for fuel top-supply injector
6*103250015 Swiss thread adaptor for fuel top-supply injector
6*103250016 Coarse thread adaptor for fuel top-supply injector
6*104990012 BUICK injector adaptor
5*103250018 Hexangular stopper
4*199010101 Test liquid
2*307030024 Injecter detergent
6*104130030 O-ring
6*104130032 O-ring
10*105020217 pulse signal connection cable 1
10*105020218 pulse signal connection cable 2
1*Y101020131 6-Cylinder lnjector pulse signal cables
1*107010090 Certificate of approval
1*103260037 Ultrasonic cleaner assembly
1*201021486 Nozzle cleaner host
1*106030038 On-vehicle adaptor package(tool kits)
2*105010003 The power cord
1*107010579 Instruction manual
1*107010700 After-sales service manual

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