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Launch DBSCAR VCI Adapter smartlink C for X431 PAD V or PAD VII Bluetooth Connector BT Module

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Original Launch X431 pad v or pad vii DBSCAR Bluetooth Connector Replacement
1). It is a replacement for broken or lost DBSCAR bluetooth connector of original X431 Pad v or Pad VII Devices.

2) It is with a new SN (for DBSCAR bluetooth only), but username/password/update peroid is same like your X431.
3) When you receive it, first pair bluetooth with new DBSCAR bluetooth connector, then update the software, and then you can use new Adapter. The old or lost adapter is useless.
4) Launch may send you new/old version bluetooth connector, it will works still, dont worry.

According to the LAUNCH policy, please send me the following information when placing an order. Otherwise, the goods can not be sent. Thanks.
1.Serial number (SN)of your Device,we need check it from Launch,If it is from a Local Launch dealer,you can not buy from us.
2. Pictures with clear SN:
1). password paper (with SN) or Certificate 
2). tablet setting (not setting of x431 software)-bluetooth- bluetooth pair record (with SN)

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