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Launch X431 i-TPMS Tire Pressure Detector Upgraded of TSGUN Work with Launch X431 V, V+, PRO3S+, Pro3, Pro5 and PAD V

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Launch X431 i-TPMS Tire Pressure Detector Handheld Terminator Upgraded of TSGUN Sensor Activator Programming Tool


1. Compatible with X431 V+, Launch PAD V, X431 Pro3S+, X431 Pro3 V4.0, X431 PRO5
2. LAUNCH i-TPMS has the same function as TSGUN. Still, with the additional function of connecting to the cell phone, it can complete tire pressure activation, programming and ID copying on the cell phone anytime and anywhere.
3. The newest LAUNCH i-TPMS user manual please check here>>>>
Can be Bound with X-431 Scanner or with the i-TPMS APP Supports All 315/433MHz Sensors


LAUNCH i-TPMS Tire Pressure Detection Handheld Terminal is the upgraded model of TSGUN. It is a professional tire pressure diagnostic tool that integrates TPMS sensor activation, reading, learning and programming. It can be used together with i-TPMS cell phone APP to complete the functions of tire pressure activation, programming and copying ID.


1. 1.77 inch color screen
2. The i-TPMS serves over 98% of mainstream vehicles with a TPMS-equipped system available on the market.
3. Experience TPMS service by binding it with an X-431 scanner or using it standalone with the i-TPMS APP.
4. Supports all 315/433MHz sensors.
5. Binding it with an X-431 scanner: Activation, Programming, Relearn and Diagnosing for sensors.
6. The standalone mode working with the i-TPMS app: Activation and Programming for sensors.
7. Supports unlimited programming for LAUNCH sensors to replace OE sensors.

When we can use the LAUNCH i-TPMS?

1. The i-TPMS Tire Pressure Detection Handheld Terminal needs to be used together with the LAUNCH diagnostic equipment.
X-431TSGUN can activate, program, diagnose, and learn tire pressure after connecting to the diagnostic equipment via Bluetooth.


2. i-TPMS tire pressure detection handheld terminal can be used with LAUNCH's own tire pressure app i-TPMS.
i-TPMS can be connected to i-TPMS mobile phone app via Bluetooth to activate tire pressure, program and copy ID. i-TPMS can be connected to i-TPMS cell phone APP through Bluetooth to activate, program and copy the ID of tire pressure.


Compatible Product List:

LAUNCH i-TPMS can work with any one of the following diagnostic tools of Launch family

Name Parameter
Model i-TPMS
Display 1.77 inches
Resolution 168*128 pixels
Battery 2000mAh
DC input voltage 5V
Operating Current ≤1A
Operating Temperature -10℃~50℃
Storage temperature -20℃~60℃
Size 205*57*25.5mm

Package List:

1pc x X-431 LAUNCH i-TPMS
1pc x USB cable
1pc x box

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